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First consultation: Danish Kr. 1500 - Equivalent to 175 € or 220 US$

Follow-up: 600 Danish Kr - Equivalent to 70€ or 85 US$


Pensioners and students: 

First consultation: DKK 1200.

Follow-up: DKK 500.

Children under 12:

First consultation DKK 700.

Follow-up DKK 400

Price does not include the homeopathic remedy - I will assist you
in obtaining the homeopathic remedy from a Homeopathic Pharmacy in your country - for example, in The UK I recommend Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy



For the purpose of sparring and supervision, I have collaborated with KST therapist and Homeopath Heidi Lykholt - if you want us both to treat you, this is an option. At the same price. 

Heidi Lykholt


Samuel Hahnemann

Samuel Hahnemann - The founder of homeopathy

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